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Manitoba chimes in with their top wedding social tips!

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Definitely don’t let the venue handle the bar. Some places offer to do this in return for the bar money. It’s not worth it. Handling it yourself is really not that hard. Just talk to the MLCC and they’ll walk you through it.

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A liquor control inspector is pretty much guaranteed to show up. Make sure you’ve got some sober people in charge who are going to stick to the rules and keep things under control.

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Don't charge more than $3 bucks a drink. (I did $2.50) Your money is made on the prizes. Oh.. and have good prizes.

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Don’t count on people buying tickets at the door. Get the tickets to them way ahead of time. Gotta hustle :) Expect maybe 60% of the people you sold tickets to to actually show up. Technically you can’t sell tix at the door if they’re not already on your guest list.

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The LC is super helpfull when you’re picking out your booze. They know what people drink and how much booze a typical social needs. You can return anything you don’t sell so stock up!

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