5 Steps to a Successful Wedding Social 

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If you’re about to plan your wedding social, you have a lot of important decisions in front of you. You need to book an appealing venue, secure the best prizes, and give your guests a memorable time.

All in all, planning a social can be stressful, but we’re here to help. We’ll give you the scoop on the 5 steps to planning a successful social, and we also have a handy wedding social checklist just for you!

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1. Plan your draws and games

Plan what prizes you’ll need and what types of draws you’ll have. The 50/50 and perfume draws are standard, but you can change it up. Don't hesitate to hunt around for sponsored prizes from local businesses (even gift cards are cool).

2. Prepare food and drink

Of course, there’s the classic social foods: kubasa (or garlic sausage), rye bread, cheese, chips, pizza, and assorted meats. In addition to those standby foods, you can include less traditional offerings to change it up. When it comes to drinks, be safe and make sure to offer both nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

3. Choose the right venue

The venue will quite literally set the stage for your social’s atmosphere and overall success. Many couples choose to hold their socials in legion halls, banquet halls, or community centres. Wherever you choose, make sure you book well in advance, and understand exactly what services and supplies are provided. Need help finding a cool place? Click here to check out our venue finder!

4. Get your social occasion permit

This one is really important. The Liquor & Gaming Authority of Manitoba regulates the alcohol and draw rules for socials, and you’re legally required to apply for a social occasion permit. You can read more about applying here.

5. Sell Tickets!

Selling tickets used to involve putting together a crew of friends & family to sell your social tickets in person. You can still do that, but there's actually a better way. hitup.social enables you to sell your tickets online for FREE.

Selling online allows you to leverage your social network to sell tickets quickly & easily, all from the comfort of your phone. Learn all about it here.

These 5 steps are the basics you want to keep in mind when planning your social, but if you want a complete list, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve prepared a downloadable social checklist that has all the steps you need to plan a memorable social. Go through it and check everything off as you complete it to keep your planning nice and tidy.

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