How To Plan a Frighteningly Good Halloween Wedding Social | Tips for Easy Wedding Social Themes » How To Plan a Frighteningly Good Halloween Wedding Social | Tips for Easy Wedding Social Themes

A themed party is a fun way to build excitement around your wedding social. Excitement equals more guests and more guests equals more funds.

Now, if you’re picking Halloween as your wedding social theme, it’s time to get serious. A few black and orange decorations simply won’t cut it. You’ll need some wedding social ideas and games to take your Halloween haunt to the next level and ensure all of your guests have a frighteningly good time.

Group of friends at a Halloween wedding social.

Halloween Wedding Social Ideas for Food

Stumped on Halloween food ideas that are both delicious and creepy? We know: It’s harder than it sounds. You need something more exciting that just a tray of sandwiches. To save you time, we did the research and dug up some quick and easy Halloween finger food recipes to fit your wedding social theme.

Mummy Hot Dogs

As far as Halloween wedding social ideas go, this one is a winner. If there were ever a contest for “best halloween party finger food” mummy hot dogs would certainly take the top prize. These are yummy, budget-friendly, and a lot of fun for your guests. All you need are hot dogs and a little dough and you’re good to go.

Bones and Blood

Chips and dip are a favourite, so here’s a great wedding social idea for you. Put a grizzly spin on that classic comfort food by baking breadsticks in the shape of bones and setting out a bowl of tasty marinara sauce. Watching your guests lick blood...excuse us, marinara their lips will make for a grotesque site, but at least you’ll know your recipe was killer.

Pumpkin Spice Cake

Not all of your Halloween foods have to be disturbing. A lovely pumpkin spice cake can be the comforting counterpoint to an otherwise chilling menu. It’ll be a nice, warm treat for your guests that still honours the theme with its autumnal aroma.

Group of friends at a Halloween wedding social.

Halloween Wedding Social Ideas for Games

Wedding social games are a clever way to make your event interactive. That said, it isn’t feasible to plan an entire murder mystery night. There are way too many guests and that’s an awful lot of planning for a busy bride and groom. The trick is choosing wedding social games that involve minimal prep but bring a lot of fun.

Halloween Feel Box

This activity is a quick way to send a shiver down a guest’s spine. Guests have to reach into a box and guess what the seemingly creepy items actually are.

Find a shoebox and cut a hole in the lid just big enough for a hand to fit into and move around inside. Fill the box with everyday items that feel like gross objects and leave your guests wondering what they actually are. Since there’ll be a lot of guests, create multiple boxes and include an answer key at the bottom of each one. Decorate the box by painting it with creepy imagery that reflects what might be inside, like tongues or eyeballs.

Wondering what household items to include in your feel box? Easy. Boil some spaghetti and once it’s cold throw it in your box to act as worms. Toss in some baby carrots to trick your guests into thinking they’re touching toes. Sprinkle in a few popcorn kernels to serve as teeth. The possibilities are endless.

Trick or Treat Guessing Game

This is a Halloween spin on the classic “Guess How Many Jellybeans Are In The Jar?” competition. Fill a jar with Halloween candy and challenge your guests to guess how many treats there are. You can even monetize this by charging your guests for every ticket. The person who guesses correctly wins the lot. This is a particularly clever idea if some of your guests are bringing kids. Just don’t forget to actually count the candy…

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of those wedding social games that don’t require you to congregate all your guests into one corner. At the beginning of the night, or before the actual event, you can give your guests a list of things that are hidden in the venue. It may be a picture of the happy couple in Halloween costumes taped under a table or a small Jack-o’-Lantern toy hidden among the centerpieces. Whoever finds the hidden treasures, wins a small prize. Guests can either actively look for them or stumble upon them throughout the evening.

Halloween Wedding Social Ideas for Décor

The decorations are the most straightforward part of your Halloween wedding social. You can simply drive down to a Party City and grab all the decorations you need. Here are a few things to add to your shopping list to ace your Halloween wedding social theme:

  1. Orange and black balloons or lights
  2. Candles (using them as your centrepieces are your safest bet)
  3. Autumn-coloured leaves
  4. Tombstones at the entrance
  5. Black cats
  6. Jack-o’-lanterns (large and small, especially on the food table)
  7. Toilet paper as mummy bandages
  8. Witch hats
  9. Lanterns

Wedding social themes are a great idea. They are engaging, interactive, and add a little wow-factor for your guests if you go all out on the decorations. They also give guests an idea of what to expect. If your wedding social theme is a Halloween haunt, these tips should get you well on your way to a wickedly wonderful time.

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