What To Look For In a Wedding Social DJ | How To Choose, Hire, and Budget for a DJ 

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If you want to throw a good wedding social, you’re gonna need some great music. A phenomenal DJ is the difference between a hyped up crowd and a group of guests awkwardly shimmying around the food table.

Since you hope to raise a few bucks at this shindig, you want people to stick around for as long as possible, and they’ll only do that if they’re having a fabulous time.

Here are a few things to consider while looking for, hiring, and budgeting for your DJ.

DJ having fun playing at a Manitoba wedding social.

Looking for The Perfect DJ

You’ve got two options. You can find a professional DJ or hire a friend or family member who is a DJ on the side. Sure, a friend or family member may be cheaper, but they may not have the skills or experience you need. On top of that, there’s more room for disagreements since it’s harder to separate the personal from the professional.

If your budget can allow it, find a professional. Here are a few things you should look for in a DJ:

  1. Sample tracks. The whole point of a DJ is that they can make smooth transitions between songs. If not, you basically have a human standing behind speakers switching songs on their iPod. Ask for sample tracks to get a feel for the DJ’s style.
  2. Back-up sound equipment. A professional prepares for the worst. Without a functioning sound system, it’s gonna be a tragic day of here comes the...silent wedding social. Look for a DJ with a back-up plan and back-up equipment.
  3. A DJ with personality. At a party - especially a fundraising party - you need your guests on the dance floor and in good spirits. Since your DJ is doubling as an emcee, stage presence is a must.

What To Remember When Hiring a DJ

You’ve narrowed down your search to a couple of companies. Now your mission is to find “the one” who’ll get everyone at your wedding social dancing.

This is what you should remember when considering your candidates:

  1. Meet The DJ (if it’s a DJ company). Vibing with whoever plays the music at your event is super important. If you don’t get along, it’ll make for an uncomfortable night. This is the person who’ll be following your playlist, fielding song requests, and maintaining the room’s energy, so make sure you ask to meet the person who’ll be working your wedding social.
  2. Discuss Preferred Playlists. Do you have a strict playlist or do you just want your DJ to follow certain guidelines? Think about what you want and then have a chat with your DJ. It’s a fundraising event, so focus on songs that will make your guests happy. You can play your favourite song over and over again on your actual wedding day.
  3. Read Online Reviews. Very easy and very important. You can do this while watching TV with your husband- or bride-to-be. Once you’ve made a shortlist of Manitoba DJs, read online reviews to see what previous clients have to say.
  4. Consultation and Day-Of Itinerary. DJs that do this sit down with you to discuss the process for the event, so you’re not stressed on the day of.
DJ having fun playing at a Manitoba wedding social.

Budgeting For a DJ

A professional DJ isn’t free, so don’t forget to make room for one in your wedding social budget. Prices vary, but they typically start at $500 and can be upwards of $2000 depending on the package. Keep the following in mind when drafting your budget and signing your contract.

  1. Remember That It’s Worth The Money. If you’re running on a tight budget, you’ll definitely have a moment where you think, “Is this a necessary expense? Why don’t I just plug my iPod into some speakers?” This is a bad idea. It adds stress to you during the evening and songs simply switching without any transitions or hype from a DJ makes for an awkward dance floor.
  2. A DJ Is Cheaper Than a Live Band. Your other option is a live band, and that’s expensive. There’s also no point shelling out this kind of money on your wedding social unless the band’s guaranteed to draw in enough people to make a profit. Stick to a DJ.
  3. Review Your Contract For Unnecessary Extras. This is just your wedding social, so you probably don’t need special effects and a disco ball. Double check that they aren’t included in the cost stated in the contract and if they are, ask to remove them.

A DJ can make or break the success of any event. After your guests are watered and fed, they’re gonna want to get up and dance. Make sure they have something good to dance to and a DJ that can get them in the party mood.

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