Mark and Lisa Share their Wedding Social Success Story » Mark and Lisa Share their Wedding Social Success Story

Mark and Lisa used to sell their social tickets online. We got in touch with them to share their story.

Congrats guys! How did your social go? Any highlights?

It went well and very busy as it picked up right at 8 and it was busy all night. We had a good 200-300 people there. (max capacity:400) We definitely expected people for after 8 not before 8.

How did you guys pick your venue? And how was it?

We had attended a friends social at Greendell Community Centre, and liked the space - it holds 400 people, the price and what was included were factors for us. I didn’t necessarily like that the prizes had to be set up near the entrance, but it had the most lighting so it made sense.

What kinds of prizes did you have? Did you do any other draws or games?

We had 58” Samsung tv, Keurig, tassimo, camping packages, date night package, travel package, hair package, purse package, kids package, bbq and patio set, jets package, cirque du soleil tickets….to name a few. We had close to 15-20 total prizes (grand and regular)

How did you get prizes for your social? Any tips for people?

Donations were donated by all of our wedding party and we did buy a couple prizes ourselves last year during boxing day.

What kind of food did you guys have and why?

We had homemade food such as fried rice, jello desserts and cold noodle salads, spring rolls, as well as our friends catered from their restaurants: Thai and Chinese, as there was a lot of family that attended, and with Asian families they will gossip if there was not enough food :p

Were you guys nervous at all about how successful your social would be?

Yes! we were, as you don’t really know the outcome until the day of. But we knew we had sold more than half of our venue’s capacity (400). We even had some people reserve tickets the day of.

Were there any major setbacks or surprises throwing your social? Any advice for couples?

Make sure to take a lot of pictures, we missed out on capturing moments, even if we did have a go pro laying around. Make sure your wedding party does all the work, so the bride and groom can enjoy the night. Make sure everyone (bride, groom and wedding party) all have fun. Make sure you have family take care of the money or someone you trust, as Mark and I took care of the money and we could have used that time to enjoy the social a bit more. Oh and try to take a nap somewhere that day, you'll need it :P

Did anyone help you organize and plan?

I had really great maids of honor, myself and Mark as well. We were always ahead of schedule by one month for planning prizes, etc

Did you hire a DJ? What kind of music did you guys play?

Yes, he did a mix for all the age groups, R&B, old school, new music. A little bit of everything.

Would you recommend to friends?

Yes! It made everything so easy. If you don’t want to travel or deliver tickets it's great.

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